Google Adwords

To advertise smart, you have to measure smart. And a key metric for almost any business is conversion, also known as "that moment when users do the thing that you want them to do".
Google Adwords is an online advertising service that enables advertisers to compete to display brief advertising copy to web users, based in part on keywords, predefined by the advertisers, that might link the copy to the content of web pages shown to users. Web pages from Google and from partner websites are designed to allow Google to select and display this advertising copy. Advertisers pay when users divert their browsing to seek more information about the copy displayed, and partner websites receive a portion of the income they generate.
Many Adwords advertisers are already measuring their website conversions, using either Adwords conversion tracking or imported Google Analytics Ecommerce transactions. Measuring actual conversation is ideal, because it allows you to optimize your bids, your ads and your website with a clear goal in mind.

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